Red Lines Awarded Best Feature Documentary at Woodstock Film Festival

by SparkMedia
October 20, 2014  |  Documentaries,Festivals,Red Lines

It was an exciting weekend at the 15th Annual Woodstock Film Festival, full of exceptional independent film screenings, panels, concerts, and all sorts of other events.  We were thrilled to be invited to attend this vibrant festival, which truly brought together the best of the indie film world.

Both screenings of Red Lines were great successes, and we are honored and excited to announce that the film won the Maverick Award for Best Feature Documentary! We are truly touched and cannot begin to express our appreciation to the Woodstock Film Festival and to the jurors who presented the award: Barbara Kopple, Joe Berlinger, and Amy Hobby—true titans of our industry. Thank you to Woodstock for bringing together such a vibrant community and for being gracious and wonderful hosts.

Our greatest hope for this award and recognition is that it will help give a voice to the people of Syria as their struggle continues.

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