is a web platform that enables students to learn through the experience of creating educational games.

Supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the project strives to inspire students with limited access to computers, both to engage in a new way with the educational content they are studying, and also to stimulate an interest in digital work.

The web platform will feature a diverse set of minigame templates.  Students and teachers will be able to select a minigame template and by doing their own research and uploading their own original artwork, create a customized game which can then be used in the classroom or at home.  This experience of actually creating an educational game is a valuable learning moment for students, and the novelty of a classmate creating an educational game will encourage additional engagement with the humanities.

Here is an example of a history-based game created using the Word Catcher minigame. is currently in development.  Visit the website to learn more.

"Games are perhaps the best media we know to help build systems thinking - from musical composition to how history is contested and rewritten." Benjamin Stokes, PhD   Assistant Professor, American University School of Communication