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Spark Media is committed to storytelling and outreach that catalyzes change and opens dialogue, especially by giving voice to issues and communities not usually heard. But we are not in this alone. We have cultivated partnerships with foundations, filmmakers, educators, policymakers, health advocates, and others – all committed to contributing to a more informed society. We consider you a partner, too. And thanks to the support of people like you, we’re continuing to make a difference. But to keep at it, we need your ongoing support.

Please consider making a donation with our 501c3 fiscal sponsor Stone Soup Productions, which creates trailblazing documentary films and innovative outreach programming that help bring the astonishingly diverse body of American art, culture, and achievement into focus, opening pathways for a rich exploration of human themes.


What Impact will my donation have?

Donations of any size are appreciated and welcomed. Every little bit truly counts!

Let’s look at a Case Study for our recent documentary, No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D), the story of six cancer surgeons on a rock’n’ roll mission to raise awareness of women’s cancers. The film was supported in part by the Inova Health Foundation, GOG Foundation, Marjie’s Fund and others, but we would not have been able to finish it without the contributions of people like you. Here are some highlights of the impact you made:

    • There have been over 2,200 broadcast across the United States, to date. That is a potential audience of over 230 million people. The program will continue to be broadcast for years on public television. A Spanish-language version also aired on VME TV.
    • On World Cancer Day (Feb. 4, 2015), we partnered with Regal Cinemas to screen the film in 45 cities in the United States and Canada. Each screening was accompanied by a discussion and Q&A with advocates and health professionals.
    • But World Cancer Day was just the beginning.  N.E.D. has also screened in nearly 200 communities and in theaters across the world, often targeting underserved populations that do not have access to this vital information.  We are continuing these initiatives even today.  With support from GOG Foundation, and in partnership with Pinkie Hugs, LLC, we are providing funding and resources to smaller advocacy organizations to organize screenings and discussions for their local communities.
    • With your support, we produced an informative multimedia companion: What Every Woman Should Know, a 18-minute video on the signs and symptoms of all major GYN cancers. This video is available online free-of-charge and is also divided into separate modules by disease state. It is also available in English, Spanish and Arabic. We also created a free guide available in print or online with questions that every woman should ask on her annual visit to the gynecologist.
    • Our work on N.E.D. led to our partnership with the Globe-Athon to End Women’s Cancers, the world’s first international grassroots effort to unify women’s cancer awareness efforts by staging walks, parades, lectures and other events all over the world. With over 80 participating countries worldwide, N.E.D. has truly become the soundtrack of the movement.
    • Our efforts also led to our partnership with the Women’s Health Integrated Research Center (WHIRC), which is in the vanguard in the fight against cancer.  We have already developed the Ovarian Cancer Registry and the OVCAR app to help gather data from Ovarian Cancer survivors, and similar registries for Uterine Cancer and Cervical Cancer are in development.

Together, we are continuing to make a crack in the wall of silence that surrounds below-the-belt cancers.

With your help, we will be able to go even further with No Evidence of Disease, as well as the other important issues that are near and dear to our hearts – whether it is inspiring the next generation of women to become leaders (First Lady of the Revolution) or raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention (Scattering CJ).

With your help, we know our projects will have an impact and truly ignite social change.  

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for your support!!