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“Dear CJ, maybe one day your mom will find peace in realizing how many lives you have impacted in the most uplifting way.”

Kelly Vella, Scattering CJ

“Once you can see somebody as a human being, you can listen to them and once you listen to them, you can feel their pain, the remorse, what they want for the future.”

Heather Shaner, Public Defender

“You don't let things happen. You shape them. ”

Henrietta Boggs, First Lady of the Revolution

“People are hungry for stories. It is a part of our being.”

Studs Terkel , Oral historian and Writers' Project Member

“Games are perhaps the best media we know to help build systems thinking - from musical composition to how history is contested and rewritten.”

Benjamin Stokes, PhD, Assistant Professor, American University School of Communication

“The use of VR in the National Museum will be an innovative tool to appreciate one of the most significant events in the democratic history of Latin America.”

María del Rocío Fernández Salazar, National Museum of Costa Rica