Stories at your fingertips.

Everyone has a story, and Spark Media knows that the stories people create themselves can be just as compelling as those they watch or read. When someone engages with your website or mobile app, they’re engaging with your personal narrative. Spark Media has produced interactive media, award-winning websites, apps and digital outreach strategies that now span the globe. We can help you craft a digital approach tailored to your organization, telling the story you want to tell.

One Easy Example of Spark Media’s Digital Work:

Inter-American Development Bank Annual Meeting App: Bahamas

At the forefront of the digital frontier, apps bring users the awesome convenience of having potentially anything at their fingertips with just a touch of a screen. Taking our long-standing relationship with the Inter-American Development Bank beyond video and live production, we have been working with them to develop cutting-edge multi-platform apps for the IDB’s Annual Meetings. The app enables the Meeting’s thousands of attendees to receive real-time updates, communicate with each other, and learn what’s taking place at every conference scheduled. With a sleek, intuitive design perfect for the IDB, we’ve created an app to keep people connected, organized, and engaged. It’s not just a meeting—it’s a digital experience.

For more examples of our digital work: