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Everyone has a story, and Spark Media knows that the stories people create themselves can be just as compelling as those they watch or read. When someone engages with your website or mobile app, they’re engaging with your personal narrative. Spark Media has produced interactive media, award-winning websites, apps and digital outreach strategies that now span the globe. We can help you craft a digital approach tailored to your organization, telling the story you want to tell.

One Example of Spark Media’s Digital Work:

Ovarian Cancer Research App

At the forefront of the digital frontier, apps can bring to users the awesome convenience of having potentially anything at their fingertips with just a touch of a screen. That includes the ability to make a difference in potentially groundbreaking medical research. Taking our long-standing relationship with the Women’s Health Integrated Research Center (WHIRC) to a new level, we started work on the Ovarian Cancer Research App, or OVCAR, for ovarian cancer survivors. The goal of this app was based on a very simple idea: crowd-sourcing medical data by reaching today’s population where they are – on their mobile devices. The OVCAR app, which is currently in Beta and awaiting WIRB approval, will include a short questionnaire and instructions on how to send a spit specimen to the researchers at WHIRC, providing valuable data for researchers as they continue their efforts to study cancer, personalize care and eventually eradicate the disease. What is most exciting is that OVCAR is fully customizable, so we will be able to create spinoff apps that target other medical conditions and target demographics. It is an honor to be a part of this project and on the forefront of using digital technology to impact medical innovation.

For more examples of our digital work: