Finding gems in everyday stories.

We strongly believe that good stories can be found anywhere if you know how to uncover them. We do, and we can draw these compelling, inspiring narratives from the workplace, giving them the same creative energy and innovative spark we give to our documentary and advocacy work. Whether it’s spotlighting the staff members of an international financial institution or explaining increasingly complex export regulations, no story is too small—or too layered—for our award-winning team of producers. We sift through the details, find the most compelling perspectives, and use the power of storytelling to enhance your brand with a message that captures the essence of your workplace in memorable fashion.

One Example of Spark Media’s Commercial Work:

GFC Crane Consultants

It’s not every day that you meet a technician with a secret identity. But that’s the joy of our work with clients. You never know what you might find along the way to a finished project. GFC Crane Consultants is an efficiency machine, making Port Everglades, Florida the busiest and most lucrative port in the country. While filming their promo spot on gorgeous location we discovered that the Lead Crane Maintenance Technician had skills way beyond what we expected; his guitar chops and gravelly singing voice not only made the shoot unforgettable, but led us to use his music for the promo’s soundtrack. Magic is where you find it, and sometimes it’s found in the most unexpected of places.

For more examples of our Commercial Work: