Red Lines available on DVD November 24th!

by SparkMedia
October 26, 2015  |  Documentaries,Red Lines

By popular demand, Spark Media’s latest documentary Red Lines is scheduled for DVD release on November 24th!

The news from the Middle East worsens into a nightmare scenario – one eerily foretold in 2012 as two young, unlikely activists launch a radical plan for bringing democracy to their country, besieged by the brutal Bashar al-Assad regime. Under the threat of death and armed only with the internet, they organize when no one else will.

Red Lines provides cinematic boots on the ground, offering a rare window into the Syrian conflict, taking us from the trenches to geopolitical jockeying and becoming, along the way, a searing expose of an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The DVD will also feature the film’s trailer, as well as over a dozen deleted and extended scenes. Pre-order here from Amazon!

Click here to watch the trailer.

If you don’t want to wait until November 24th, no worries! You can see the film on On Demand or download it from Amazon and iTunes.

The film’s soundtrack, featuring stunning music from renowned composers Armand Amar and Kinan Azmeh, among others, is available now on CDBaby.