This is Me!

by SparkMedia
February 5, 2015  | 

I’m 41 years & 9 months. I have a wife, a 22yr old daughter and a 21 yr old son. Feb. 2014 I wasn’t feeling good & thought I had a bug. When it didn’t go away after 2 weeks I went to urgent care. The urgent care doc sent me to get an abdomen ultra sound and they found a mass in my pelvis. The next day I went in for a pelvic ultrasound & a CT to confirm the size of the mass as 17 cm x 9 cm. March 7th I saw an Gyn Onc. & she told me I would need surgery. My surgery was March 14, 2014 and my official diagnosis of stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer. I had a 6 hour surgery to remove my gall bladder, appendix, 2 aortic lymph nodes, 6 pelvic lymph nodes, all of my female parts & little bits here in there where there was evidence of cancer. I had a blood transfusion & was in the hospital for a week. I felt so much better as recovery from the surgery went on.
The mass was aggressive, grew to that size within a month & it was not the normal Ovarian Cancer. It was a seromucinous carcinoma. I spent several months trying to get my chemo approved through my insurance. Finally after going to MD Anderson they recommended the standard treatment of 6 rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin with Avastin. I finished that on Sept. 11, 2014. I am still on the Avastin every 3 weeks until May 27, 2014. My doctor told me that I would never live without cancer. As of now I have no evidence of disease. As my 1 year anniversary gets closer my anxiety level is going up. When my brain is a little bit idle it automatically jumps to the fear of it coming back. I am determined to fight this! Despite what the statistics say, I am determined to beat this!