This is a story about cancer.

by SparkMedia
January 22, 2015  | 

This is a story about cancer.

In fact, its a story about a cancer that I will never have.

But, this story is about the 50% of people in the country who do have to worry about these cancers. And it is about the failure of us to inform and educate the women who are dangerously at risk.

Women’s reproductive cancers are responsible for upwards of 30,000 deaths each year in the United States. How is it that a movie brought this to my attention when I am 20?

These cancers: Cervical, Ovarian, Vaginal, and uvular are not cancers that we think about often.  I have not seen an awareness campaign with ribbons and shirts with races of ten of thousands of people.  Say what you will about Susan G. Komen Foundation but, they brought breast cancer to the front of people’s mind and made it acceptable to have conversations about the disease.

But, why should I care about these cancers when I cannot get them? Why should it matter to me as a healthy 20 year old, with plenty of other things to think about besides this unknown cancer?

For me, it is about the ones that I love.  I may be a man but, I have a mother, a sister, and many many close friends, all who mean so much to me.  If I were to loose them to one of these cancers, especially from poor screening availability or just not thinking it would be a problem, I would be outraged.  Too many people are forced to go through a similar experience to my nightmare.  No more nightmares need to be had.

Remember that fighting cancer is not just something that a doctor can do. We can all take a part by donations, supporting those fighting, and starting conversations.  Especially the difficult ones.