Inside Out and Back Again, Praise God

by SparkMedia
February 6, 2015  | 

I am one of the women with aggressive Stage IIIC living with ovarian cancer.  I have been in a recurrence  for over two years after initial diagnosis in July of 2009.
I have an unusual history in that I had the unfortunate experience that three doctors told me I was too young to have ovarian cancer.  I pray for those doctors now  and hope that they also know the basic possible warning signs for ovarian cancer.  I was not this forgiving at the time of diagnosis.  I believe fully that God was instrumental in sending to me my most amazing treatment team.
Living with cancer is not easy but in many ways it is a true blessing.  My life now is all about giving, sharing and helping others in different ways as I grow  closer to God.
My family means everything to me, especially after losing our mom just over a year ago.  That broke my heart as she took me in after my  debulking surgery. My cancer caused a tremendous amount of strain on my family and that is my greatest pain.
The uncertainty of cancer creates a constant state of anxiety that can only be healed through dedicated communication with our families and doctors as well as having true faith in God (at least as is the case for me).
Working through that and being grateful for every second on earth makes this journey bearable.  Learning the hard way that this new life is much easier when we understand what to surrender and where to invest our energy.
In the past 5 years I have seen a tremendous amount of growth in awareness campaigns and advances in treatment options.  I say to all women and their families, when it comes to cancer, never give up.
Peace, Blessings and Thank You  to N.E.D. The Band for your constant and sincere dedication to women with gynecological cancers.  The documentary N.E.D. The Movie will help save lives.
Peace and Blessings
Denise Archuleta
a.k.a.  Servivorgirl