5 years in May!

by SparkMedia
April 7, 2016  | 

I’m a retired ONC R.N. who held many a woman’s hand during follow-up GYN
exams. Imagine my shock when 20 years later in Jan.2011, I too got a
diagnosis~ Stage 3c ovca. I had minimized my vague symptoms until a
sudden serendipitous movement produced one undeniable but life-saving
spot of blood. CA- 125 was only 185 ~ early 3c, I think now, going on 5
years off treatment! Grateful for friends’ kindnesses, distant medical
colleagues, and my GYN ONC surgeon who helped me throughout ~ adapting
to the role of patient was no easy task, nor was my anxiety diminished by
my credentials (Facts are facts). So now I make as much noise as I can
in my community and circles ~ I’m a true NED Head! Pay attention and
report symptoms ~ Medical and Complimentary Therapies work; there is
Hope and Success!