Tens of thousands of women are diagnosed every year with a GYN cancer. Nearly one in three will die.

Every hour, approximately ten women are diagnosed with one of the five major below the belt cancers: cervical, ovarian, uterine (endometrial), vulvar and vaginal.

Survivors often say, ‘I didn’t know.’ What they didn’t know are the signs and symptoms of GYN cancers. That’s why Spark Media produced No Evidence of Disease and this companion piece, What Every Woman Should Know, a 18-minute multimedia guide to the signs and symptoms of all major GYN cancers. With support from the GOG Foundation and produced in association with Pinkie Hugs, LLC, What Every Woman Should Know features the N.E.D. doctors and other health professionals, testimonials with survivors, N.E.D.’s original music, graphics, and – most importantly – information you need to know.

Available to the public for free, What Every Woman Should Know exists in English, Spanish and Arabic.  Learn more on the No Evidence of Disease website!