Resolute: Leading in Turbulent Times

All of us have stories worth sharing, especially when we face challenges, which force us to make hard and urgent decisions. These decisions are followed by consequences and outcomes, which shape who we are, our opinions, values and beliefs, and how we make decisions in the future. This is no different than how leaders in the world are forced to make their decisions.

Leading is about being human. Leadership is also about daring to fail, and then regrouping if we do. What is important is how we lead in a way that influences and impacts those around us in a positive way. In this turbulent world, when we are all faced with such adversity, how can we learn to lead with integrity?

In partnership with Geneva Leadership Alliance and producer Honey Al Sayed, Spark produced a series of educational videos that approach this very topic. Each episode tells the story of one of today’s leaders and the challenges she or he have to face, teaching valuable lessons about leadership and what it takes to be resolute in uncertain times.

To watch these videos, go to the Resolute Channel on Vimeo.