650,000 Hours Podcast

The average human life lasts just 650,000 hours and Ken Budd, the award-winning author of The Voluntourist, wants you to make the most of every minute. The 650,000 Hours concept originated from Ken’s work as a global volunteer, which provoked a series of soul-searching questions. What does it mean to be human? What is our purpose? How do we embody our values in our work, relationships, and in every aspect of our lives? How do we support and strengthen our communities?

Produced as a companion piece for the 650,000 Hours web series, this podcast will answer those questions by discovering people across the globe who are bettering the world while maximizing the quality of their time on Earth. Ken will take a deeper dive into some of the challenges faced by the heroes profiled in the web series and will also present new inspirational stories exclusive to the podcast series.

650,000 Hours is currently in development in partnership with Creative Strategies Media and Buddster, LLC.