Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue

Funded by the New Israel Fund to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the organization, Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue explores democracy and pluralism in Israel today.  With stunning footage shot in high definition, the video captures how NIF grantees are pro-actively working with under-represented groups in Israel, such as Russian immigrants, Bedouin minorities, women and children, to help them improve their lives and take an active part in Israel’s democracy.

Narrated by international music sensation, Noa, and featuring an interview with renowned poet, Amos Oz, Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue shows how striving to fight inequality, injustice and extremism strengthens the bonds between the diverse cultures that live in Israel today.




Produced and Directed by:
Andrea Kalin

Narrated by:

Karen Simon

Director of Photography:
Dennis Boni