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“Breast cancer has a ribbon, but GYN Cancer has a rock band!”

Dr. Joanie Hope, No Evidence of Disease

“This is an opportunity to unite people from all over the world... to try to make a difference.”

Dr. Larry Maxwell, Founder and Director of Globe-athon

“Syria could become a million things, but if there's a chance Syria could become a democracy, then let them have their chance.”

Mouaz Moustafa, Red Lines

“What happens if we don’t listen to their voices? Are we doomed to simply repeat the past? What if we don’t even remember them?”

Anne & Emmett

“I have long believed that each of us has the right to two countries - the one where we were born, and the other which we freely choose.”

Henrietta Boggs, First Lady of the Revolution

“This is a story about music and what it does to those who make it, whom it enslaves. Yes, slavery of all kinds enters the mix.”

Rita Dove, Sonata Mulattica

“I always said that my last words would be my most militant.”

Stetson Kennedy, Klandestine Man