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Spark Media has been producing documentary films, cutting edge videos and digital content since 1989. Browse though a wide collection of our efforts so far. Dig deep.

Current Projects

  • Sonata Mulattica Poster

    Sonata Mulattica

    Linking the worlds of contemporary and classical artistry, Sonata Mulattica bridges a two-century span, weaving former U.S. Poet Laureate Rita Dove’s dramatization of a lost virtuoso’s thwarted ambitions with a character-driven exploration of his modern virtuoso counterpart. It’s a mesmerizing musical journey infused with themes of identity, artistic passion, and cultural belonging.

  • Klandestine Man Poster

    Klandestine Man

    For three quarters of a century, audacious, determined, larger-than-life Stetson Kennedy (1916-2011) waged war on racial inequality, institutional segregation and social injustice—a war that meant risking his own life for what he believed. His story made history. And in Klandestine Man, he’s not too modest to tell you why.

  • Globe-athon Poster


    With participants in over 80 countries, Globe-athon is the first-ever multinational event to raise awareness for GYN cancers. Spark Media was at the core of Globe-athon’s creative team, spearheading the branding, website design, media development, and social media for this high-visibility international movement.

  • Ovarian Cancer Registry Poster

    Ovarian Cancer Registry

    Along with the Women’s Health Integrated Research Center, Inova Fairfax, and Spark Media is helping build the future of cancer research. The Ovarian Cancer Registry creates a community where patients and survivors can come together and proactively take part in the fight against ovarian cancer.

  • Scattering CJ Poster

    Scattering CJ

    CJ Twomey’s dream was to travel the globe. But on April 14, 2010, this seemingly happy, sociable 20-year old violently ended his own life. CJ’s suicide shattered his family, plunging them into years of grief and guilt. In her darkest hour, his mother Hallie found a moment of desperate inspiration. She set up a Facebook page and put a call out to the world, asking if anyone might help her son fulfill his dream by scattering some of his ashes in a place of beauty or special meaning.  21,000 people answered her call.

  • The Search for Harmony Poster

    The Search for Harmony

    The Search for Harmony is an in-development web game which will be used to teach about the rich, forgotten historical legacy of classical musicians of African descent.

  • What Every Woman Should Know Poster

    What Every Woman Should Know

    What Every Woman Should Know is a 16-minute multimedia guide to the signs and symptoms of all major GYN cancers. It features the N.E.D. doctors and other health professionals, testimonials with survivors, N.E.D.’s original music, graphics, and – most importantly – information you need to know.

  • Abolished! Poster


    Abolished! The Game of Peace is an educational twist on classic brick-breaking games.  The free mobile game is inspired by the historic abolition of the Costa Rican armed forces and the iconic image forever attached to that event: Costa Rica’s visionary leader Don Pepe using a sledge hammer to knock down the walls of the country’s infamous military prison.


  • First Lady of the Revolution Poster

    First Lady of the Revolution

    While visiting an aunt and uncle in the exotic countryside of 1940s Costa Rica, a young southern belle from Alabama accepts a ride on the back of a motorcycle belonging to a charismatic local farmer. That ride would propel her into history. This is the remarkable story of Henrietta Boggs, who fell in love with a foreign land—and with the man destined to transform its identity.


  • Anne & Emmett: the other Poster

    Anne & Emmett: the other

    Inspired by Janet Langhart Cohen’s provocative play, and drawing on the tragic true stories of Anne Frank and Emmett Till, Anne & Emmett: the other is an immersive game that will give players a role-playing experience of living under the weight of intolerance.

  • Making Development Possible Poster

    Making Development Possible

    Spark produced this video for the IDB Finance Department, introducing the faces and personalities behind some of the most important work the IDB does – without these hard-working men and women toiling behind the scenes, the Bank wouldn’t be able to continue the vital development work it does in the region.

  • IDB Annual Meeting App: Bahamas Poster

    IDB Annual Meeting App: Bahamas

    Developed for the Inter-American Development Bank’s 2016 annual meeting in the Bahamas, this detail-minded, cross-platform app is a powerful tool that allows thousands of attendees to intuitively access and share essential information before, during and after the event.


  • Tears for Syria Poster

    Tears for Syria

    Spark Media teamed up with Love4Syria, Dave Tieff & grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Mitch Allan to produce a music video for the song “Tears for Syria.” Released on the third anniversary of the Syrian revolution, the video weaves together compelling YouTube clips, powerful statistics and live action footage from our documentary Red Lines, creating a musical narrative that speaks to the reality of Syria’s humanitarian crisis.

  • IDB-IIC Annual Meeting App: Korea Poster

    IDB-IIC Annual Meeting App: Korea

    Developed for the Inter-American Development Bank’s 2015 annual meeting in Korea, this detail-minded, cross-platform app is a powerful tool that allows thousands of attendees to intuitively access and share essential information before, during and after the event.

  • Michigan Sport Business Conference Poster

    Michigan Sport Business Conference

    Organized entirely by undergraduate students at the University of Michigan, the Michigan Sport Business Conference (MSBC) is quickly becoming a must visit stop on the conference circuit for anyone interested in the ever evolving business of sports. This fast-paced spot shows what MSBC has to offer for professionals and students alike, highlighting the voices of some of the biggest names in the sports industry.

  • Parade Poster


    Soca Queen Alison Hinds continues her support of the Globe-athon’s efforts to raise awareness for below the belt cancers with the official music video for her hit single “Parade.” Filmed during the WIADCA Labor Day Parade, Alison Hinds joined the Globe-athon float and performed the song as she marched down the Parkway, accompanied by hundreds of dancers, survivors, physicians and activists all united to take a step to end women’s cancers.


  • Red Lines Poster

    Red Lines

    With every passing month of horrifying action from the Assad regime and exasperating inaction from the West, it becomes clearer that Syria’s rescue from collapse is in its own hands. Seeking to prove to the world that a democratic Syria is attainable if the rebels are armed and supported, driven young activists Mouaz Moustafa and Razan Shalab-al-Sham hatch a hopeful and ingenious plan to save a country and secure its peaceful future.

  • IDB Private Sector App Poster

    IDB Private Sector App

    Developed in support of the Inter-American Development Bank’s Structured and Corporate Finance Department (SCF), the cross-platform IDB Private Sector App will reinforce the Bank’s ability to stay on the frontline of technological advancement, creating a more productive work environment, a stronger network, and a deeper sense of community among its users.

  • IDB Annual Meeting App: Brazil Poster

    IDB Annual Meeting App: Brazil

    Developed for the Inter-American Development Bank’s 2014 annual meeting in Brazil, this detail-minded, cross-platform app is a powerful tool that allows thousands of attendees to intuitively access and share essential information before, during and after the event.


  • No Evidence of Disease Poster

    No Evidence of Disease

    Six frustrated, artistically driven GYN cancer surgeons form an unconventional rock band to bring a seldom-discussed disease into the limelight. As music and medicine join forces in the fight for life, the surgeons are transformed into rising stars, complete with a devoted fan base of patients and loved ones who help infuse the struggle for survival with heart, hope, and rock n’ roll.

  • GFC Crane Consultants Poster

    GFC Crane Consultants

    Featuring the gorgeous scenery, impressive crane systems and engaging personalities of Florida’s Port Everglades, this promotional video profiles the company behind the operations and maintenance of one of the country’s busiest and most efficient ports.

  • Mastering Export Compliance Poster

    Mastering Export Compliance

    Increasingly complicated export regulations have a major impact on international business activities. With millions of dollars and professional reputations at stake, Spark Media’s award-winning training videos provide our clients with the training they need, in a dynamic and engaging format.

  • Pacific Alliance Poster

    Pacific Alliance

    An entity dedicated to fostering free trade and economic development in Latin America, the Pacific Alliance reached out to Spark Media to develop their brand from the ground up. Spark’s digital team used the latest technological advances to help forge the Alliance’s online identity, promoting their message across multiple platforms for a global economy that increasingly demands this level of digital connectivity.

  • Heavenly Jade of the Maya Poster

    Heavenly Jade of the Maya

    Spark Media created this award-winning virtual tour of the “Heavenly Jade of the Maya” exhibition at the Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center in Washington, D.C., featuring a priceless collection of rare and recently discovered Mayan artifacts assembled to commemorate the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012.

  • IDB: People with a Purpose Poster

    IDB: People with a Purpose

    A collection of testimonials showcasing how the IDB’s Private Sector goes beyond business to make banking personal, People with a Purpose richly profiles the men and women who are committed to financing development and fostering economic change in Latin America.

  • IDB Annual Meeting App: Panama 2013 Poster

    IDB Annual Meeting App: Panama 2013

    Developed for the Inter-American Development Bank’s 2013 annual meeting in Panama, this detail-minded, cross-platform app is a powerful tool that allows thousands of attendees to intuitively access and share essential information before, during and after the event.


  • IIC: Our People Poster

    IIC: Our People

    We lent our unique spark to this slick, whirlwind romp through the inner workings and personalities of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) – a Latin American development institution in Washington D.C. looking for a few good men and women to join their dynamic ranks.

  • The IDB and the Caribbean Series Poster

    The IDB and the Caribbean Series

    Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, this mini-documentary series showcases the IDB’s work in the Caribbean in a rolling, kaleidoscopic six-country expedition through the region, exploring an array of issues, from gang violence to eco-tourism, that impact each country’s development.

  • Cleavitz Poster


    Spark produced an online promo for this innovative, U.S.-based, woman-owned company.  The promo mixed full animation with fashion shoot-style videography to show off the company’s wardrobe lineup. In a shining example of corporate responsibility, Cleavitz donates a percentage of their profits to breast cancer research.


  • HESAR Poster


    An innovative hybrid of motion graphic animation and documentary footage, HESAR showcases the same-named rebuilding initiative spearheaded by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and explores Haiti’s economic development in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake.

  • Soul of a Place Poster

    Soul of a Place

    Following the broadcast premiere of our award-winning documentary about the 1930 Federal Writers Project, we’re advancing our outreach initiatives and developing a youth initiative that uses gaming, social networking and other Web 2.0 frameworks to bring the era and the FWP to life in new ways.

  • Unleashing the Power of Partnerships Poster

    Unleashing the Power of Partnerships

    The earthquake in Haiti awakened the world to the country’s dire need for long-term economic development. Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, Unleashing the Power of Partnerships now awakens the private sector to the possibilities that exist in a reconstructed Haiti.


  • Worlds of Sound Poster

    Worlds of Sound

    Some of the biggest names in folk and blues music might never have made it without Folkways Records, an immensely influential label that, for four decades, gathered some of the most influential talent ever put to vinyl and tape. Worlds of Sound explores the era-shaping ingredients of this musical legacy, from the vision of founder Moses Asch to the explosive ’40s New York jazz scene to the pensive, passionate folk heroes of ’60s counter-culture.

  • Soul of a People Poster

    Soul of a People

    With Soul of a People, Spark Media delves into the deeply personal stories behind familiar images of the Great Depression, courtesy of the unemployed and “would-be” writers kept afloat by one of the Roosevelt administration’s New Deal initiatives, the Works Progress Administration’s much-needed Writers Project. The result: a cinematic celebration of how pitting young, untested scribes against the struggles of everyday Americans would ultimately reveal some of the country’s greatest voices.

  • Opening the Doors to Compassion Poster

    Opening the Doors to Compassion

    Created for the Physicians for Responsible Medicine’s 25th Anniversary Gala, Opening the Doors to Compassion reveals the challenges PCRM faces in its daily mission to stem the cruel use of animals in medical and university laboratories, while also encouraging everyday Americans to kick the fast food habit and reach for an apple instead.

  • Game On Poster

    Game On

    Produced for the National Football League Players Association, Game On: Protecting Your Financial Future tracks the successes and failures of athletes in securing financial stability for their families after retirement or in the event of a lockout.


  • Partners of the Heart Poster

    Partners of the Heart

    Against the backdrop of mid-20th-century segregation, a black carpenter’s apprentice with a genius for surgery and a renowned white surgeon dare to defy medical gospel by forging a partnership that will change the course of medical history.

  • Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue Poster

    Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue

    An exploration of democracy and pluralism in Israel today, funded by the New Israel Fund to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the organization. Through stunning HD footage, this film follows the inspiring paths taken by NIF grantees as they pro-actively work with under-represented groups in Israel, helping them improve their lives and find active roles in Israel’s democracy.

  • A Place At The Table Poster

    A Place At The Table

    Created for the Physicians for Responsible Medicine’s 20th Anniversary Gala, A Place at the Table recounts the triumphs and struggles encountered by PCRM since its founding, highlighting promising medical research toward the prevention of debilitating diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

  • Too Brief a Child Poster

    Too Brief a Child

    Eighty-two million girls around the globe will be married before they leave adolescence. This is their story—one of lost childhoods, abandoned dreams and little hope for breaking the cycle of poverty and desolation that engulfs them.

  • The Pact Poster

    The Pact

    The provocative, true story of three friends from a rough Newark, New Jersey neighborhood who made a pact in high school that they would one day be doctors. Mission accomplished. Now they’re spreading the word to inspire other inner-city kids to stay off the streets and take the educational route to a better life.

  • Talking Through Walls Poster

    Talking Through Walls

    Talking Through Walls: How the Struggle to Build a Mosque United a Community tells the story of Zia Rahman, a retired engineer and devout Muslim American who found the fortitude—in a daunting atmosphere of post-9/11 unease—to go before the Zoning Board in his hometown of Voorhees, New Jersey, in hopes of creating a mosque in his community.

  • Prince Among Slaves Poster

    Prince Among Slaves

    The true story of the enslavement of the heir to an African kingdom, Prince Among Slaves follows Abdul Rahman from his capture in Africa, through his grueling middle passage across the ocean and into a bleak new American life in chains, interweaving universal themes of bondage and deliverance, pride and forbearance, guile and providence.

  • Laughing While Muslim Poster

    Laughing While Muslim

    Comedy and straight talk on the American Muslim experience! In an innovative virtual town hall meeting featuring scholars and activists speaking to both live and online audiences, our panelists joined a diverse group of students and concerned citizens from coast to coast for a dialogue to dispel myths and build understanding—with comic flair.

  • Allah Made Me Funny Poster

    Allah Made Me Funny

    Spark Media presents a groundbreaking, 90-minute concert film following three acclaimed stand-up comedians as they travel across the country using humor to share what it’s really like to be Muslim in post-9/11 America. Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert gives people of all cultural backgrounds an opportunity to drop their guard, laugh hard, and open their minds.


  • Breaking the Poverty Cycle Poster

    Breaking the Poverty Cycle

    Breaking the Poverty Cycle examines the persistently high rate of poverty in Latin America, tracing its roots to a just-as-persistent lack of attention to the social, educational and nutritional needs of young children.

  • Asia’s Water Crisis Poster

    Asia’s Water Crisis

    Asia’s Water Crisis is an award-winning advocacy documentary that examines Asia’s looming disaster of a water supply that’s dwindling at alarming rates—along with the region’s ability to manage and distribute it.

  • Bridges Poster


    Bridges brings to life the memories of Southeast Asian refugees forced to leave behind their war-ravaged homes. This short, produced for the Southeast Asian Resource Action Center (SEARAC), examines their sacrifice, their journey, and the mixed promise of life in America.

  • Wired for Change Poster

    Wired for Change

    An advocacy piece on how information technology is shaping Latin America’s economic development, Wired for Change traces the stories of local people in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Brazil, as they explain how the Internet and other new technologies are revolutionizing their lives by enabling entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and democratic participation.

  • Battered Lives, Broken Trust Poster

    Battered Lives, Broken Trust

    A documentary short examining the scourge of domestic violence around the globe, Battered Lives, Broken Trust features compelling, poignant interviews—not only with the women who’ve suffered domestic violence, but with the male aggressors who’ve brought it. This documentary short was the centerpiece of a region-wide campaign against domestic violence.

  • From Rage to Recovery Poster

    From Rage to Recovery

    From Rage to Recovery puts the horrific rise in violent crime in Latin America into a historical and social context, frames the parameters of this growing problem, and looks at community-based programs throughout the region that have seen success with stemming the epidemic.

  • A Voice of Her Own Poster

    A Voice of Her Own

    Funded by the Asian Development Bank, this multiple-award-winning documentary short looks at the profound changes underway in Bangladesh, Cambodia and the Philippines, where the transforming status of women has paved the way for their critical new roles in national economic development.

  • Hunger MTV Spot Poster

    Hunger MTV Spot

    Hunger is a provocative, 30-second call-to-action for today’s youth. Featuring dramatic, cascading images from around the globe and a creatively graphical edge to the message, this PSA challenges its audience to “Get connected, be involved.”  The spot aired on MTV, ABC and FOX networks on October 16th (World Hunger Day).

  • The Real Scoop About Diet and Exercise Poster

    The Real Scoop About Diet and Exercise

    A fast-paced program produced for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, The Real Scoop about Diet and Exercise kicked off CSPI’s national campaign to improve America’s diet. The short was distributed to schools nationwide and aired as a special interstitial on several public television and cable networks.

  • Vital Allies Poster

    Vital Allies

    Vital Allies is an advocacy program that takes a poignant and sobering look at the developing world’s high rate of maternal mortalities from pregnancy-related causes, outlining the steps needed for reducing the tragic consequences to society. The documentary short helped inform the UN initiative on maternal mortality and human rights.

  • Kitchen Fun for Kids Poster

    Kitchen Fun for Kids

    Kitchen Fun for Kids is a charming and educational children’s cooking program, sponsored by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Hosted by six kids known as the Kitchen Gang, this fun, funky show conveys important messages about safety, nutrition and the environment.

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